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Research outputs: UNEMPLOYMENT

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2021 Youth and the future of work: introduction

This editorial introduces and frames the six papers of this special section. It begins by proposing that youth unemployment needs to be unde...

2021 The HSRC's response to graduate unemployment: an experiential learning and personal skills development initiative to prepare for the world of work

The unemployment rate in South Africa has risen to an all-time high of 32.6%. 43% of young people are unemployed or have been employed in sh...

2020 Rethinking growth-unemployment puzzles in the COVID-19 recession: contextualising SA's macroeconomic policy options

The total value of goods and services produced inside South Africas borders fell steeply in the last two quarters of 2019, resulting in a sh...

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2020 Effects of innovation activities on employment growth in upper-middle-income countries with high unemployment rates

Although previous studies have tried to estimate the impact of innovation on employment growth at the firm level in developed economies, ver...