Dr Saahier Parker

DEPARTMENT: Impact Centre (IC)
TELEPHONE: 021 466 7814
EMAIL: sparker@hsrc.ac.za

Dr Saahier Parker is a Senior Research Manager within the Impact Center of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). He holds a Masters degree in Research Psychology and an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology, both from the University of the Western Cape, as well as a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree from the University of Cape Town, having majored in Psychology, Anthropology, and Gender Studies.

He completed a PhD in Science and Technology studies at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. His research developed 6 new indicators for the measurement of the public understanding of science in South Africa.

He has been working in the area of Knowledge Economy Indicators since 2006, most notably as part of the team that produces the annual National Research and Development Survey. He has gathered valuable experience in conducting large multinational opinion surveys across a multitude of business sectors within South Africa, Africa and the international arena.

Dr Parker has been a recipient of the MRS International Research Award 2011: "IJMR Collaborative Research Award". In 2012 he has also been honoured at the Bazme Adab (Cape) Academic Awards. Further to this his work has received recognition from the Science Communicators Association of New Zealand at their 2016 annual conference in Dunedin. In mid-2017, Dr Parker was also selected to represent South Africa at the BRICS Young Scientist forum in Hangzhou, China.

Saahier has published extensively, and is the co-author of 2 books, 7 peer-reviewed international journal articles and 3 review articles. He continues to build his publications portfolio through ongoing research projects.

Specialties: Areas of research interest include gaining a deeper understanding of global systems of innovation, alternative economic indicators and understanding adolescent risk-taking behaviour.


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