CeSTII welcomes data requests

If you would like to obtain specific data that are not available through the HSRC’s Data Curation Unit, please review the CeSTII Guidelines for Public Data Access.

Accessing HSRC data

The HSRC's eKnowledge Research Centre provides a digital repository facility for the HSRC's research data in support of evidence-based human and social development in South Africa and the broader region.

Access to data is dependent on the ethical provisions protecting research participants, as well as on legal agreements with the owners, funders or in the case of data owned by the HSRC, the requirements of the depositors of the data.

We facilitate data use by preparing comprehensive metadata and disseminating data and related documents to appropriate target audiences.

Specific SASQAF requirements

The results of the annual South African National Survey of Research and Experimental Development, conducted in accordance with the South African Statistical Quality Assessment Framework (SASQAF), form part of South Africa’s record of official statistics.

In order to meet the fundamental principles of official statistics, as laid out by Statistics South Africa, CeSTII requires some additional information about you prior to the provision of data.

The information you provide to us is only used to communicate with you and determine which sectors make use of the information contained in the R&D Surveys. The HSRC does not share the email addresses of users or any of the information entered by users on the website with any other company, or with any other user.

This information will only be requested once and stored with your user login. This will allow us to record each subsequent R&D Survey document download, to monitor usage, and to improve our statistical service provision.

Still got questions?

Contact the Chair of the CeSTII Data Committee, Dr Yasser Buchana (ybuchana[at]