Policy Action Network

Central to the HSRC’s vision of being a knowledge hub for the human and social sciences in South Africa and the rest of the African continent, are the following:

  • networks and collaboration with partners,
  • the dissemination of information and data, and
  • the sharing of knowledge and expertise with various stakeholders.

The Policy Action Network

The Policy Action Network (PAN) helps government and civil society partners in South Africa develop and implement transformative public policies by connecting them with relevant research, data and people. 

What we do

PAN works in four main areas: 

Evidence: We work with partners to map and synthesise research, reporting and evaluation material. This helps policy actors understand what current research says about possible interventions and outcomes, and helps them identify research gaps. Visit the PAN website for updates on evidence projects, policy and resources.

Data: We assist with the identification, governance and use of research, statistical, administrative and citizen-generated data to support decision-making. This has included facilitating the development of an open data commitment as part of South Africa’s 4th National Action Plan to the Open Government Partnership.

Networks: We support community and government-led networks of knowledge exchange for social action. This includes collaborations with SAASTA and other media and youth-focused organisations on the use of research and data.

Communication: We work with partners to explore new ways of sharing and engaging with research evidence and data using digital and traditional media. Follow PolicyActionZA on Twitter and #PANHSRCPodcasts for audiograms of HSRC seminars.

The current focal policy areas are public health, local government and public participation, innovation and 4IR, and climate resilience.

Who we are

PAN is an initiative of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) in South Africa, supported by the Department of Science and Innovation. PAN was established in 2011 and has provided evidence support in a number of areas related to poverty alleviation and development.

Partner with us 

We welcome new ideas and proposals for collaboration so feel free to contact us by emailing info@policyaction.org.za. You should receive a reply within a day or two.