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Our goals

  1. Build the institutional capabilities of CeSTII researchers to achieve its mandate.
  2. Undertake statistical surveys to national and international quality standards that support the measurement and analysis of STI indicators in South Africa. 
  3. Contribute to and deepen the analysis of STI indicators in relation to challenges of economic growth and inclusive development, through scientific publications, data sharing, technical briefs, and international benchmarking studies.
  4. Contribute to data sharing, knowledge sharing and exchange with national, regional and global STI measurement and policy communities and other actors in the South African national system of innovation.
  5. Lead a new research agenda to inform the design of measures and indicators that can support and promote a national strategy of innovation for inclusive development, in line with the HSRC research focus on poverty and inequality.


2019 Away Day, Green Point, Cape Town. [Credit: HSRC/CeSTII]


Team CeSTII is made up of a cohort of researchers, data analysts, and professional administrators from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. 

The Centre's Executive Head is Dr Glenda Kruss, a widely recognised and acclaimed researcher of the relationship between firms, universities, and communities. Recent books by Kruss include:

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CeSTII’s research theme leaders are:

  • Dr Nazeem Mustapha (Measuring R&D capacity in South Africa)
  • Dr Moses Sithole (Measuring innovation capacity in South African firms)
  • Dr Il-haam Petersen (New indicator development)

International Advisory Committee

The CeSTII International Advisory Committee is an independent group of well-established scholars and science policy practitioners from all over the world. The Committee provides strategic research advice to CeSTII on aspects such as research design, methodology and data analysis. Current members* of the Committee include:

  • Prof. Fred Gault (Chair) (Canada)
  • Prof. Sunil Mani (Vice-Chair) (India)
  • Dr Petrus Letaba (South Africa)
  • Prof. Erika Kraemer-Mbula (South Africa)
  • Dr Pedro Mendi (Spain) 
  • Prof. Susan Cozzens (US)
  • Prof Almamy Konté (Senegal)
  • Dr Flávio José Marques Peixoto (Brazil)

*as at April 2021

Committee alumni include: 

  • Dr Jeffrey Orozco (Costa Rica)
  • Dr Ann Kingiri (Kenya)

Learn more about the Committee's members and activities in our latest Annual Review Report