Learning Activity 4: Reimagining the African university

There is currently much debate about youth livelihoods and the shape, form and function of higher education on the African continent, with many compelling and competing views. Learning Activity 4 engages experienced scholars and thought leaders on the kinds of universities we need to ensure a continent able to deal with its challenges and takes its place in the world. Coordinated by Prof Thierry Luescher, the research team includes Prof Sharlene Swartz, Dr Alude Mahali, Prof Crain Soudien, Prof Catherine Odora Hoppers, Prof Relebohile Moletsane, Prof David Everatt, Prof Ibrahim Oanda, and Mr Krish Chetty.

Over a 2-year period, the research team will engage about 60 thought leaders from the African continent and across the globe (and across generations) involved in higher education, scholarship programmes, youth development programmes, industry and policy making. Engagement with scholars and thought leaders takes the form of interviews that cover issues such as digitisation, access, support, transitions, and indigenisation as well as their visions for the African university and how they may be reimagined.

Key outputs will be interview transcripts, articles in University World News - Africa Edition, high-level panel engagements and a book in 2023.

Table 1: Interviews with thought leaders, transcripts and UWN Africa articles

Interviewee Interviewer Interview date/link UWN article date/link
Prof Goolam Mohamedbhai Prof Crain Soudien 17-May-21 14-Feb-22
Prof Mogobe Ramose Prof Catherine Odora Hoppers 21-May-21 21-Feb-22
Prof Reitumetse Mabokela  Prof Relebohile Moletsane   10-May-21 01-Mar-22
Mr Rekgotsofetse Chikane Prof Thierry Luescher 20-May-21 10-Mar-22
Prof Dzul Razak Prof Catherine Odora Hoppers 30-Jun-21 17-Mar-22
Prof Catherine Odora Hoppers Prof Crain Soudien 11-Mar-21 24-Mar-22
Prof Neil Turok  Prof Crain Soudien 21-Jun-21 31-Mar-22
Prof Adam Habib Prof Crain Soudien 25-May-21 07-Apr-22

Prof Madeleine Arnot  

Dr Alude Mahali    21-May-21 13-Apr-22

Prof Paul Zeleza 

Prof Crain Soudien 01-May-21 21-Apr-22
Prof Tade Aina Dr Alude Mahali 12-May-21 28-Apr-22
Ms Lihle Ngcobozi Prof David Everatt 08-Jul-21 05-May-22
Dr Rajesh Tandon Prof Relebohile Moletsane 03-May-21 12-May-22