Programmatic approach: Peace and Sustainable Security

A developmental, capable and ethical state is not possible without ensuring peace and sustainable security within South Africa and beyond its borders. To work towards a more socially cohesive citizenry and safer communities, it is necessary to focus on building a “better South Africa, a better Africa and a better world”. South Africa is a key player in the quest for peace and sustainable security on the continent and globally. It occupies this position in a period where violent conflicts have increased, the world is less peaceful, and insecurities generated by climate change, environmental factors and energy and water shortages abound.

South Africa increasingly has to deal with a range of peace and sustainable security challenges (high crime rates, gender-based violence, inequality, service delivery, governance, food insecurity, climate change and the like), as well as engage with sustaining peace and security on the continent and globally (through its engagements in SADC, AU and the UN). To be a credible leader in peace and security globally and continentally, South Africa has to create a peaceful and secure environment at home and be innovative in proffering new solutions and peace agendas to continental and global peace and security challenges.