Disability and Employment: Community of Practice

The Disability and Employment (D&E) Community Of Practice (CoP) is located in the Inclusive Economic Development division of the HSRC. It's primary aim is to foster knowledge exchange, collaboration, learning, and capacity development to enhance access to skills and employment for persons with disabilities.

Specific objectives

  • Provide a forum for information sharing (e.g., research findings, experiences, lessons learnt, best practices) and problem solving relevant to persons with disability, skills development and access to employment
  • Spark dialogue about D&E, research findings and experience sharing
  • Promote learning about available D&E practices and knowledge products available
  • Encourage collaboration among stakeholder groups - facilitate connections between implementors, policy, makers, advocates and researchers who may not otherwise interact
  • Promote champions for policy advocacy, programme design and implementation and for research

Young man in library reading a book in Braille.