Mainstreaming Engaged Research through the National System of Innovation


Towards Engaged Research Agenda for Impact in the NSI Although the HSRC and many other institutions have had a long-standing focus and history on engaged research, with proven partnerships and interlinkages with others in the NSI, it has become apparent that this work has been somewhat isolated and ad-hoc. The aim of this project is to develop a coordinated approach towards engaged research in the NSI. This will be achieved through an exploration of ways in which an engaged research agenda can be established and engaged research principles and methods can be strengthened, sustained, and leveraged for impact across the NSI. The HRSC proposes a multi-phased implementation strategy which will be employed to establish an engaged research agenda in the NSI. The specific objectives are to: 1. Understand the experience and priorities of local engaged research champions and synthesise available research 2. Increase awareness, broaden participation and build a shared knowledge base around engaged research 3. Facilitate engaged peer interactions for rapid learning and relationship forming 4. Facilitate the transfer of engaged research practices between organisations and individuals through funded secondment or peer-support programme. 5. Integrate knowledge of engaged research with practical experience to scope new projects and scale existing collaborations.