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Access is provided to research outputs generated by HSRC researchers since 2000. All research outputs are provided free of charge to the public, with the exception of confidential reports. Where possible the full-text is provided for immediate download. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of an output which is not immediately available for download, please contact the Digital Curation Team at

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The HSRC Institutional Repository is an important tool that the HSRC utilises to preserve and disseminate its documents. Different types of publications including scholarly research outputs are collected, preserved and distributed in a digital format.

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The HSRC Research Data Service provides a digital repository of the HSRC's research data in support of evidence-based human and social development.

Research outputs: XENOPHOBIA

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2022 Xenophobia in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic: how the pandemic increases zero-sum bias about foreign nationals

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached the shores of South Africa, the government responded quickly. Although proactive government policies save...

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2021 Knowledge, the media and anti-immigrant hate crime in South Africa: where are the connections?

There is a growing level of academic interest in how the media covers immigration and xenophobia in South Africa. Various scholars (e.g. Nya...

2021 Anti-immigrant violence as social group control vigilantism?: understanding attitudes, behaviours and solutions

In the early September 2019 the street of Johannesburg convulsed with violence. Using anti-immigrant rhetoric, citizens in the country's wea...

2021 Understanding violence between South African nationals and African immigrants in Gauteng province: phase Two

South Africa' s political economy and social life has its foundations intrinsically linked with both historical and more contemporary migrat...

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