Dr Zaynab Essack

DEPARTMENT: Human and Social Capabilities (HSC)
TELEPHONE: 031 242 5000
EMAIL: zessack@hsrc.ac.za

Zaynab Essack, PhD, is a research psychologist and senior research specialist at the Centre for Community-Based Research at the Human Sciences Research Council. Zaynab?s current research interests include the sexual and reproductive health and well-being of at-risk populations, especially adolescents and young women, and developing and evaluating interventions to address current social issues in high-poverty and high HIV-prevalence communities. She has a developing interest in using alternative arts-based methodologies in engaging adolescents in research. Underscoring all this work is a focus on research ethics, which was the area of her doctoral research. She is a member of the HSRC Research Ethics Committee,

National Bioethics Committee in South Africa and UNESCO?s School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV) Working Group. She is an honorary fellow at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and faculty member of the South African Research Ethics Training Initiative (SARETI, UKZN)..


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