The Imprint of Education (TIE): A Longitudinal Cohort Study of African Alumni of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars' Programme - Ghana

STATUS: Current
PROJECT LEADER:Van der Bergh, GM (Mr Gray), Swartz, SG (Prof. Sharlene), De Koning, E (Ms Elmi)
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Juan, AL (Dr Andrea), Winnaar, LD (Dr Lolita), Namome, CN (Dr Catherine), Watani, H (Ms Manana), Cooper, AL (Dr Adam), Mahali, AS (Dr Alude), Luescher, T (Prof. Thierry), Wilson Fadiji, A (Dr Angelina), Zuma, HB (Dr Handsome)
DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBLE: Equitable Education and Economies (IED)


The proposed research design is a longitudinal cohort study which aims to survey Scholars??? Program Alumni from six African countries (Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda) who completed their studies in 2017 and 2018. The study will sample from two distinct groups of Alumni: Secondary School Alumni and Tertiary Alumni. A census approach will be used at the tertiary level (approximately 1,026 Alumni). This category will include both Alumni who studied abroad (diaspora) as well as Alumni who studied in Africa. The secondary scholar population includes large numbers of Secondary School Alumni (10,511 alumni) and hence a stratified random sample of approximately 1,043 Alumni will be traced. Through this methodology specific information on programmatic inputs, transformative leadership, career mobility, social mobility and give-back will be collected.