National skills audit of Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Outreach Team Leaders (OTLs) employed by the National Department of Health (NDoH)


The overall aim is to undertake an audit of the current qualifications and skills profile of Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Outreach Team Leaders (OTLs) deployed in the public health system in South Africa. Objectives To establish the number and distribution of CHWs and OLTs and their geographical coverage (ratio per uninsured population) at national, provincial, district, subdistrict and ward level 1. To establish the qualifications of CHWs and OTLs nationally, provincially, and at district level 2. To identify skills and competencies of CHWs and OTLs 3. To establish existing CHW training infrastructure and model/s 4. To identify skills and training gaps among CHWs and OTLs 5. To determine the views of key provincial managers on models and strategies for meeting CHW and OTL training needs.