Adoption and diffusion of advanced ICTs in South Africa's agricultural sector: policy issues and implications

OUTPUT TYPE: Policy briefs
TITLE AUTHOR(S): Y.Buchana, M.Sithole, P.Majokweni
DEPARTMENT: Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (CESTII)
Print: HSRC Library: shelf number 9812325
HANDLE: 20.500.11910/19377

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Over the past few years, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have been fundamental innovations that have contributed to the growth of different sectors of the economy such as the manufacturing and services sectors. With respect to the agricultural sector, there are various challenges faced by the sector such as climate change, water scarcity, droughts and increased global competition. The adoption and diffusion of ICTs present opportunities to address these challenges. For policymakers to develop, implement and improve policies that facilitate adoption and diffusion while mitigating the potential associated risks, they need to understand the implications involved. The main policy issue at hand is the absence of evidence-based policy instruments intended for facilitating the diffusion and use of these advanced ICTs in the agricultural sector. This policy brief explores the adoption and diffusion of ICTs in the agricultural sector and then assesses the relationship between such adoption and innovation outcomes. Using data from the South African Agricultural Business Innovation Survey (BIS) covering the period 2016???2018, this policy brief presents insights into the adoption and usage efforts of South African agribusinesses to allow government stakeholders and policymakers to fill the existing policy gaps by providing key policy recommendations on the adoption and diffusion of advanced ICTs in the agricultural sector in South Africa.