A guideline for multisectoral coordination of food and nutrition security at different levels in South Africa

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This report outlines and specifies clear guidelines for multisectoral coordination of Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) at the national, provincial and district levels in South Africa. The report elaborates and builds on a discussion of multisectoral FNS structures outlined in the 2017 National Food and Nutrition Security (Implementation) Plan (NFNSP), their functions and standard operating procedures. The report goes further to propose a guide for the Terms of References (TORs) as well as a performance monitoring and evaluation plan for the multilevel FNS coordinating structures discussed. The report was prepared on the basis of a review of relevant FNS policy documents, particularly the 2017 NFNSP, other relevant FNS literature as well as national and subnational level interviews and provincial workshops conducted as part of the FAO/DAFF TCP/FAS/3701 Project aimed at defining a Food and Nutrition Security Information System for South Africa.